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Cheap flights from Boston to Paris

Boston - Paris

 from $329

  • checked 15 Aug 2018
  • direct roundtrip flight
Cheap flights from New York to Paris

New York - Paris

 from $320

  • checked 15 Aug 2018
  • roundtrip flight
  • a lot of dates to choose from

Why are our airtickets so cheap?

Most airlines and online airline ticket agencies offer flights at regular prices, yet pitch them to clients as promotions and special offers.
At SkyHas, each special offer and special price is manually verified by an agent, and only if the price of the flight is more than 30% lower than the regular one for given destination, we post it to the special offers for East Coast and deals for West Coast and Central United States. Our cheap flight hunters work 7 days a week to pick the very best and affordable flights for you. We know the prices for each and every flight in the country and pick the best special offers available on the market.
Aug 15, 2018