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General information about Beijing airport

Today several airports are operating in Beijing, one of them is Nanyuan, which was opened in 1910 and is the oldest airport in China. Today it has the terminal for the civilian population, which may take only 1.2 million people a year. But the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing is not only the best airport in the country, but also is among the top ten worldwide. In addition, it is one of the busiest airports. To cope with such a monstrous number of passengers, three terminals were built in the Capital, between which runs regular free shuttle service and inter-terminal trains. The most highly functional is the third terminal (T3). It consists of a 7-storey main building (with 2 lower ground floors) and two satellites. In T3, all conditions for the comfort of guests is provided. There are also rest-rooms and numerous gaming facilities for children, and restaurants that offer different cuisine. Additionally, there is a refined interior that combines modern high technology and traditional elements of Chinese culture, and you can be sure that your first encounter with the city in Beijing Capital Airport will be of a cheerful nature.

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Oct 1, 2017