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    Copenhagen sightseeing and things to do in city

    No trip to Europe would be considered complete if there is no Denmark among the list of European countries. Though the Kingdom of Denmark occupies a small area on the world map, it is one of the most economically stable and richest in the world. Copenhagen is the heart and pride of Denmark. Founded in the 12th century, till our days it preserved charming patina of antiquity. More than half of the city is still paved with cobble stone. Old buildings beautify the city. The most notable of them in the true sense of the word is the Church of the Savior. Its spire is visible from anywhere in the city, whether it is a central part or a pier. If you have strong nerves and no fear of height, go up to the observation deck of the church. A view on the city is magnificent! Another unusual building with a long history is the Round Tower. It is the only tower in the world without steps. The fact is this is an old observatory, where heavy carts had to deliver observatory mechanisms and equipment. In short, Copenhagen is a must visit city as part of a tour around Europe, especially now when the tickets to Copenhagen from Boston can be purchased at an affordable price.

    Flight information and flight map

    Departure from Boston, arrival at Copenhagen airport
    The distance between destinations is 3657 miles
    Approximate flying time from Boston to Copenhagen is 7h
    Some possible flights from Boston: to Cyprus, to Dallas or to Copenhagen: from Philadelphia, from Jacksonville

    Aug 17, 2018