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Sydney sightseeing and things to do in city

Australia is often called "a backwards country". If you have decided to check this on your own, then go to Sydney from Boston, since this is the biggest and most famous metropolis of Australia. So, what is backwards there? Actually, a lot of things and the first one is time of year. When most countries suffer from winter, Australians enjoy hot summer days. That's why many tourists choose Sydney as a place destination for their winter holidays. Also climate of North Australia is hotter than of South. Another unusual thing is a map of the world. It should actually be the same with Australia in the right bottom. However, the Australians have their own vision of the world where their homeland is in the heart of the world! Such a map will be a great souvenir and reminder of this wonderful continent. If after visiting Sydney you would like to travel around the country, keep in mind that there are only two options to do that: by car or by plane. Pretty unusual for Europeans, but the thing is that the railway system is not developed in Australia, what cannot be said about the country itself.

Flight information and flight map

Departure from Boston, arrival at Sydney airport
The distance between destinations is 10097 miles
Approximate flying time from Boston to Sydney is 20h
Some possible flights from Boston: to Taipei, to Tel Aviv or to Sydney: from Philadelphia, from Jacksonville

Jun 14, 2018