Brussels airport information

General information about Brussels airport

Domestic and international air traffic in Brussels is handled by two high-class airports. The first one – the International Brussels Airport – is located 12 km from the capital in the nearby municipality of Zaventem. It is built on the area of the German hangar for airships, which were used at the times of the WWI. It became the civil airport after the WWII. Zaventem Airport is famous for its quality passenger service, comfortable arrival and departure halls, shops and cafes, offices of travel agencies and car rental companies. The smaller airport Brussels-Charleroi is located near Charleroi town some 40 km from Brussels. It also became the civil airport after the WWII. At present there is one operating terminal in Brussels-Charleroi handling all the air traffic. There is regular connection by railway and by bus from both airports to the city, where one can get to the nearest subway stations.

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Oct 1, 2017