Budapest airport information

General information about Budapest airport

The only gateway to the capital of Hungary is Ferihegy International Airport, renamed after the famous composer Ferenc Liszt in 2011. It is located 16 km southeast of the centre of Budapest. Construction began in the 1930-s, but due to the WWI the airport was put into operation only in 1950. It underwent a number of reconstructions and renovations to handle the growing passenger traffic. At present there are two runways and three main terminals in the airport. Terminal 1 resembles the shape of an aircraft. It services low-cost carriers and handles Schengen and non-Schengen traffic. Terminals 2A and 2B also service both Schengen and non-Schengen flights. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is connected with the city centre by the convenient road, and people can get to and from the airport by scheduled buses, mini-buses and WizzAir airport shuttles. There is also regular connection between the airport and Budapest Western Railway Station.

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Oct 1, 2017