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Berlin sightseeing and things to do in city

Berlin, the city with a thousand years of history, can boast a blend of ancient, modern and classic tendencies. Some monuments and buildings date back to the ruling period of the Hohenzollern dynasty. These are the Brandenburg Gate aka the gate of the world and the Berlin Cathedral erected on the Museum Island. Originally, there was a small Lutheran church, which, as the king thought, didn't reflect the power and grandeur of the royal family. Contrary to the Lutheran traditions, the church was demolished and replaced by the pompous Brandenburg Cathedral built according to laws of baroque style. The same spirit of rebellion can be seen in another monument in the city – the Berlin Wall or better to say a ruined part of it. When Germany united, most of the wall was destroyed completely, later on it was reconstructed and even now the zealots are buying pieces of the wall from collectors at a high price. Thus, once you come to Berlin from Charlotte, don't forget to visit this memorial, a reminder of how valuable freedom is.

Flight information and flight map

Departure from Charlotte, arrival at Berlin airport
The distance between destinations is 4504 miles
Approximate flying time from Charlotte to Berlin is 9h
Some possible flights from Charlotte: to Brussels, to Budapest or to Berlin: from New York, from Atlanta

Jun 14, 2018