Chicago airport information

General information about Chicago airport

The third largest city in the United States is served by two international airports. The primary airport located in the northwest 27 km from the Chicago Loop, the business district of the city, is Chicago O'Hare International Airport. It is a major hub for United Airlines and number two for American Airlines. The airport was constructed during the WWII as a part of the manufacturing plant for Douglas C-54 aircraft. Passenger flights started here in 1955. Nowadays the airport consists of four terminals, but only one of them can serve international flights. Due to heavy and ever growing passenger traffic it is planned to build a few more terminals in O'Hare. Buses and taxis shuttle between the airport and the city, and there is a train station in the airport. The second largest airport in the windy city is Chicago Midway International Airport located 13 km from the Loop. Originally it was the first airport in the territory of the city and for a long time it was the leading facility in terms of passenger traffic. Yet with time most flights were redirected to O'Hare. Nowadays Midway is a hub for Southwest Airlines. Just like in O'Hare transportation from/to Midway is provided by trains, buses and taxi.

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Oct 1, 2017