Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv sightseeing and things to do in city

If you happen to take a look at Tel Aviv from a bird's eye, you can't help noticing its extremely long beaches. However, if you come closer, you will find out the beaches are not just long, but just fantastic! There are various other attractions as well, such as bars and restaurants, often visited by families with small children and youngsters. Connoisseurs of beauty are likely to visit Tel Aviv Art Museum, as well as various other galleries in the city. The history enthusiasts might call the ancient port city Jaffa the major landmark of Tel Aviv. It is a vivid contrast to the north-of-Tel-Aviv's skyscrapers and other modern facilities. If you happen to plan this year vacation on the Mediterranean Sea, check out our offers and book a cheap flight to Tel Aviv from Columbus.

Flight information and flight map

Departure from Columbus, arrival at Tel Aviv airport
The distance between destinations is 6061 miles
Approximate flying time from Columbus to Tel Aviv is 12h
Some possible flights from Columbus: to Tenerife, to Tokyo or to Tel Aviv: from Indianapolis, from Charlotte

Aug 17, 2018