Frankfurt airport information

General information about Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt airport is one of the largest international airports of Europe. It was officially opened in 1936 and was home to the famous Hindenburg rigid airship. After its catastrophic crash the passenger-carrying airship era came to an abrupt end. The airport is located 12 km from the city and has a convenient interchange. It can easily be accessed by car, taxi or a bus. There are two railway stations in the airport: for regional trains connected with Frankfurt Central Station, and for long-distance trains connected with other major cities in Germany. There are 2 terminals in the airport. Passengers are shuttled between them using people mover system and regular bus service. The airport infrastructure is developed and passenger-friendly. It includes such facilities as a large parking area, medical centres, duty-free shops, banks, a dental office and a chapel, a large number of restaurants, cafes and VIP-lounges. Frankfurt airport provides services for people with disabilities and impairments.

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Oct 1, 2017