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Berlin sightseeing and things to do in city

The German capital is the representation of grandeur and mighty of the legendary Hohenzollern dynasty. The last ruled Germany since the 15th century and left an imprint on the city's history as well as architecture. Margraves, Kaisers, kings and rulers of the royal dynasty wanted to perennialize the memory of their ruling period and leave their personal contribution in the architectural character of the city. Looking at and enjoying the magnificence of the Berlin Cathedral now, it's hard to believe that Kaiser Wilhelm II considered this church not splendid and grand enough. Nowadays this is a number one place to see in Berlin. Once you come to the city from Jacksonville, do visit the Brandenburg Gate, a gateway made in Roman style. Probably impressed by the grandeur of Acropolis in Athens, King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia in 1788 ordered to build a similar one in the capital city. But there's one landmark that doesn't match any pompous architecture – this is the Berlin Wall, an iconic historical sight that first divided and later united Germany. For local people this is the symbol of freedom, for tourists this is a must-see place. Make sure to visit one when you come to Berlin!

Flight information and flight map

Departure from Jacksonville, arrival at Berlin airport
The distance between destinations is 4778 miles
Approximate flying time from Jacksonville to Berlin is 10h
Some possible flights from Jacksonville: to Brussels, to Budapest or to Berlin: from Washington, from Columbus

Aug 13, 2018