Las Vegas airport information

General information about Las Vegas airport

For many tourists the familiarity with the city of Las Vegas begins with arriving into McCarran International Airport. It was named in honour of the US Senator Pat McCarran, who dedicated a half a century of his life to the development of State of Nevada. In terms of passenger traffic it is ranked the 14th airport in the world and serves about 500 flights a day. The airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The first is divided into four zones, each of which handles flights of certain airlines. The second terminal manages a lot of charter flights. Since its inception in 1942, the airport was rebuilt, improved and perfected many times. Today it is a modern airport with many airlines that offer flights to any direction in the world. Due to its location and technical capabilities McCarran Airport is a transportation hub for such well-known airlines like US Airways and Allegiant Air. The airport covers an area of 11 square kilometres, with that you can fast and easy move around. For example, you can use a but to get from one terminal to another, and if you need to get into the city you can take a taxi, a shuttle bus or you can rent a car.

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Oct 1, 2017