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Portela Airport in Lisbon is the Portugal's largest airport. As Lisbon is an outermost point of Western Europe, its airport is often used as a connecting point between Portugal and countries of Africa, South and North America. TAP Portugal is considered to be the leading airline of the country; it carries out flights in more than forty different directions. Lisbon Portela Airport is the basic one for TAP Portugal carrier. There are three terminals, one of which is military. Two other manage domestic and international flights. Since passenger traffic is getting larger each year, it was planned to build another airport in the municipality of Alcochete, which is located within the city boundaries. Portela airport is located in the city, too, what makes it easier to transfer to the center or to the place of your accommodation. The airport subway station has been recently opened. So now any guest of Lisbon can get downtown cheaply and quickly. Tickets can be purchased in the subway vending machines. There are no box offices, but it is really easy to buy a ticket that way. Along with the ticket you are given a card that can be refunded and then used to pay passenger fare in a bus, metro and even to pay for some sights. This is really convenient! However, upon arrival to the airport don't be in a hurry to leave it quickly. There are comfortable rooms for a mother and a child, playgrounds for kids, shops, souvenir shops and cafes where you can eat tasty Portugal food.

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