Madrid airport information

General information about Madrid airport

The Madrid-Barajas Airport is the main international airport of the Kingdom of Spain and one of the largest and most beautiful airports in the world. Built in the late twenties of the last century, Barajas serves approximately 45 million passengers per year. Basically, it is the air gateway for international flights from Latin America and Europe. In 2008 the construction of a huge fourth terminal (T4) was finished, which also became a modern architectural heritage. Its area of about 760 thousand square meters fascinates. Therefore, tourists that arrive in T4 are advised to thoroughly follow the information on displays and try not to get confused in order to keep up with their luggage. At the airport there are about 100 snack bars and stores, including Duty Free, so you will not be bored while waiting. Free shuttle busses run between the terminals, and there is even a modern underground suburb train, which serves as a connecting link between T4 and T4S. It is easy to get to Madrid, because the city centre is 12 kilometres from the airport. You can get there by shuttle bus, taxi, train or subway, as the 8th branch of the Madrid Metro system connects Barajas and the city centre.

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Oct 1, 2017