Miami airport information

General information about Miami airport

Miami International Airport is probably the most popular in the world, since it was the only one honored to be shot by National Geographic in a documentary named "Inside Miami Airport". Perhaps, because Miami airport is the largest transit hub that connects the USA with the countries of Latin America. A number of international flights per week reaches about 5170, while the amount of domestic flights served is 1.5 times more. About one hundred thousand passengers each day are serviced in Miami airport. Here they can find offices of 88 airlines that manage flights to more than 150 different directions. The airport is just 11 kilometers away from downtown and 16 kilometers away from Miami Beach, so if you have a transit flight and you still have several hours of free time, you can spend it on the sandy beaches of the best resort of the country. Taxi, bus or subway are to your service to help you get to the city. By the way, the subway ride is cheaper than the rest two. Not far from MIA, tourists can find many chain hotels to suit different tastes and budgets, so if you need to stay overnight in Miami, you can do it without a need to leave the airport.

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Oct 1, 2017