Milan airport information

General information about Milan airport

There are three airports for passengers and cargo traffic in Milan, the largest of which is the Malpensa airport. Milan's Malpensa Airport, which is located in Varese, is mainly used for international air service, which is provided by two high-end runways and two terminals: Terminal 1 for regular airlines and Terminal 2 for charter and low cost flights. The airport is connected with the city by railway line "Malpensa Express" and by regular bus service with another airport of Milan – Linate. Linate Airport is the second largest airport in Milan, which is located in the commune of Peschiera Borromeo. It is used for intra-European and local air traffic. The official name of the airport is connected with the name of Enrico Forlanini – the Italian aviation pioneer and the Milan native. The third air gate of the capital of Lombardy is the Il Caravaggio International Airport, also known as Bergamo Airport. It is located in the commune of Orio al Serio. This airport is mainly used for budget and charter flights. All Milan airports offer high quality passenger service and are among the best airports in Italy.

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Oct 1, 2017