Paris airport information

General information about Paris airport

Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly are international airports and air service leaders in Paris. Paris-Charles de Gaulle is a relatively young airport. It was opened in 1974. Its "competitor" is 42 years older. Paris-Charles de Gaulle is rather imposing in size and design, handling huge passenger flow every day. It is located 25 kilometres from Paris and is the city's main gateway. Film directors love it for its exterior and it can be spotted in numerous movies. The airport is one of the ten largest airports in the world by passenger traffic, with well-developed infrastructure and decent level of services, making travelling more comfortable. Paris-Orly is located 12 km from Paris and handles mostly domestic flights and a number of European flights. Since 1996 passenger traffic restriction has been imposed (not more than 30 million per year) and overnight flights have been banned. This was done to protect the nearby area from noise. Paris-Orly is a high-tech airport with well-developed infrastructure and passenger service available 24 hours a day. Both airports have a very convenient passenger transportation system.

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Oct 1, 2017