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Taipei sightseeing and things to do in city

Taipei is a gastronomic paradise for even the most spoiled travellers. If you plan to take a culinary tour in any Asian city, Taipei will not disappoint you. Firstly, all food is delicious and always fresh here. Since people of Taiwan are obsessed with healthy lifestyle, great attention is paid to healthy food. Fresh vegetables, exotic fruit and meat are sold in abundance. Secondly, the largest Asian night market is located in Taipei. Thousands of tourists are ready to change their night sleep for mouthwatering delicacies found nowhere else in the world. However, those who miss this riot of flavour and taste should not be upset since Taipei is the city with very many themed restaurants. For example, there is the world's only Barbie cafe - perhaps the most pink place on the planet. At the same time fans of Batman can sit in a cafe next to the Batmobile surrounded with other attributes of the famous hero. Take pleasure in dining in A380 restaurant with stewardesses instead of waiters. In order to get to this restaurant you will still have to fly to Taipei from Philadelphia on a real plane. So book a ticket now and enjoy your trip.

Flight information and flight map

Departure from Philadelphia, arrival at Taipei airport
The distance between destinations is 7826 miles
Approximate flying time from Philadelphia to Taipei is 15h
Some possible flights from Philadelphia: to Tel Aviv, to Tenerife or to Taipei: from Jacksonville, from Washington

Oct 16, 2018