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Berlin sightseeing and things to do in city

Berlin, the bear city, can boast a thousand years of history and an amazing blend of classic and modern tendencies. Its classic architecture dates back to the reign of the royal Hohenzollern dynasty. By order of the throne the Brandenburg Gate, or the gate of the world, and the Berlin Cathedral on the Museum Island were erected. The cathedral was built on the site of the Lutheran church, which did not properly reflect the might and grandeur of the ruling dynasty, and hence was demolished and replaced with a more exuberant cathedral - the fact that somewhat contradicts the Lutheran rules. Rebellious spirit and aspirations for freedom of the modern Berlin are reflected in the Berlin Wall, or rather ruins of it – most of the wall was taken down, and now it is being reconstructed by zealots who literally grope for pieces, buying the wreckage from collectors at a high price. It cannot be denied that Germans spare no expense to decorate their capital. See it for yourself booking a low-cost flight to Berlin from Phoenix.

Flight information and flight map

Departure from Phoenix, arrival at Berlin airport
The distance between destinations is 5651 miles
Approximate flying time from Phoenix to Berlin is 11h
Some possible flights from Phoenix: to Brussels, to Budapest or to Berlin: from San Diego, from San Jose

Oct 16, 2018