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Hong Kong

Hong Kong sightseeing and things to do in city

Hong Kong is an amazing city where the past coexists with the future, splendid Buddhist temples and interesting museums are found side by side with high-rise buildings and great entertainments. An international nature reserve is located here, offering refuge to tens of thousands of birds during their migrations. One of the mostly visited places in Hong Kong is the amusement park called the Ocean Park, and also the top of Victoria Peak offering a breathtaking view of the bay, suspension bridges and the Pearl River. Take a walk along the Avenue of Stars and the favourite spot of the locals – the Statue Square. And don't forget to drop by one of the numerous beaches and get a suntan. Check out our special offers and book a flight from Phoenix. Don't miss your chance to see this city with your own eyes.

Flight information and flight map

Departure from Phoenix, arrival at Hong Kong airport
The distance between destinations is 7543 miles
Approximate flying time from Phoenix to Hong Kong is 15h
Some possible flights from Phoenix: to Houston, to Istanbul or to Hong Kong: from San Diego, from San Jose

Oct 16, 2018