Saint Petersburg airport information

General information about Saint Petersburg airport

St. Petersburg is served by Pulkovo International Airport located 20 km from the city. The airport was opened in 1932 to handle cargo and mail and was named Shosseynaya Airport. Scheduled passenger flights started after WWII. The airport was renamed to Pulkovo Airport in 1973. Nowadays it is a hub for Transaero and Rossiya Airlines. Major reconstruction of the airport started in 2009 financed by both the government and private investors. The central passenger terminal was built to handle domestic and international flights. The interior of the airport is impressive, with the curvy ceiling symbolizing the water surface of the Neva River and Angel sculptures shaped as girls with plane wings on their backs. The airport has business aviation terminal and 2 runways, all modern facilities, including those for people with disabilities, and is passenger friendly. One can get to the city from the airport by scheduled bus or taxi bus. It is also planned to launch express train.

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Oct 1, 2017