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Tenerife sightseeing and things to do in city

If you are planning a vacation in the resort but do not know which of the cities to choose, then go from San Antonio to Tenerife, which is the island full of luxury resorts. Tenerife is a paradise for holidaymakers. There is the blend of perfectly soft and mild climate, sandy beaches, warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, lush exotic vegetation, abundant wildlife and many other beauties of the island. The biggest of them in the literal sense of the word is the mighty Teide volcano, which resembles a huge giant towering over the island. A large area at volcano foot is occupied by the scenic Teide National Park. There are no tourists who have visited Tenerife, but haven't not visited the park. The island has fabulous laurel forests. The branches of old trees intertwined in a way to resemble the arches of a mysterious cathedral. Mare sure to visit the Eagle Park and the Monkey Park. They are not like ordinary zoo with fences and cages. They look like islands of wild unspoiled nature where birds and animals live in environment close to their natural habitat conditions.

Flight information and flight map

Departure from San Antonio, arrival at Tenerife airport
The distance between destinations is 4839 miles
Approximate flying time from San Antonio to Tenerife is 10h
Some possible flights from San Antonio: to Tokyo, to Toronto or to Tenerife: from Dallas, from Austin

Oct 16, 2018