Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg sightseeing and things to do in city

"Venice of the North", "the cultural capital of Russia", "the darling of Tsar Peter the Great" – all these are the names of one of the greatest cities of the Russian Federation known as Saint Petersburg. Impressed by numerous canals of Venice, Peter the Great decided to erect the city of similar beauty and atmosphere. It should be mentioned, that the result surpassed all expectations. Saint Petersburg is far from being a faded copy of the "Pearl of Italy". It houses numerous magnificent landmarks, majority of which are tributes to the former Tsar. Among the greatest are the Winter Palace, the Hermitage, the statue of Bronze Horseman and Peter and Paul Fortress. In addition, by number of bridges Saint Petersburg left the "city on the water" behind. There are 580 bridges of all types in the former capital of the Russian Empire that link together 42 islands of the city. Yet, the sights of Saint Petersburg are not limited to bridges and edifices only. There are over 8 thousand cultural attractions, all of which are worth seeing. One eyewitness is better than two written descriptions, so if you have a chance to go to Saint Petersburg from San Diego, don't let it go by!

Flight information and flight map

Departure from San Diego, arrival at Saint Petersburg airport
The distance between destinations is 5781 miles
Approximate flying time from San Diego to Saint Petersburg is 11h
Some possible flights from San Diego: to San Francisco, to Sao Paulo or to Saint Petersburg: from San Jose, from Los Angeles

Oct 12, 2018