Sao Paulo airport information

General information about Sao Paulo airport

The largest city of Brazil is served by two airports: Guarulhos International and Congonhas. The last was explored as the main airport until 1985, now it is the second busiest in the country. Congonhas airport is located not far from the centre of Sao Paulo, only 8 kilometers away. This is one of the first airports in Brazil; it was built in 1936. The airport got its name from the neighbourhood, where it is located in. During the imperial period there was the same-name town on that very place. Congonhas airport, which could not cope with the ever increasing passenger traffic, was replaced by new international airport named Guarulhos. It is the busiest airport in Brazil and the second in Latin America. Every day it manages flights to 28 different countries and to more than a hundred cities of Brazil. Guarulhos Airport serves 39 airlines, international and national inclusive. All passenger traffic is being distributed between two terminals: TRS1 and TPS2. The airport is located 25 kilometres away from Sao Paulo and covers an area of 14 square kilometers. One can easily get to the city centre. There are several options, the cheapest of which is to use public transport. For more comfort you can take a taxi, but it is pretty expensive.

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Oct 1, 2017