Singapore airport information

General information about Singapore airport

There are two airports in Singapore: Seletar Airport and Singapore Changi Airport. Seletar Airport was Singapore's first international airport, built in 1928 in the northeastern region of the main island. Originally it was the major airport in the country. However, due to rapid economic development and fast-growing passenger traffic it was decided to build a new airport. Nowadays, Seletar Airport operates mainly for a small number of chartered flights, whereas the main international airport of Singapore is Singapore Changi Airport, considered to be one of the best airports in the world. Originally the airport had three main terminals, and two more were opened later on. Skytrain people-mover system shuttles passengers between the main terminals, and the special bus service operates between Terminal 2 and the Budget Terminal. External connection is provided by rail, by bus and by taxi. The airport is still growing, so its improvement never ceases. The airport administration does their best to maintain the status of one of the most passenger-friendly airports in the world.

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