Stockholm airport information

General information about Stockholm airport

There are four airports in Stockholm. The major airport is Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport, 42 km north of Stockholm. It serves as a hub for Scandinavian Airlines and has four terminals, two of which are used for international flights. The airport houses various facilities, such as hotels, banks, restaurants and a chapel. One can use a train, a bus or a taxi to get from the airport to the city. The second airport is Stockholm-Bromma Airport located about 10 km west of Stockholm. It serves domestic and European flights. The airport has one terminal and one runway. There are scheduled buses shuttling between the airport and the city, and taxi services are available as well. The third airport is Stockholm-Skavsta Airport served primarily by low-cost airlines and cargo operators. And the fourth airport is Stockholm-Västerås Airport located 110 km west of Stockholm, in the city of Västerås. It serves London flights by Ryanair airlines.

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Oct 1, 2017