Tenerife airport information

General information about Tenerife airport

In Tenerife there are two airports located in the southern and northern parts of the island. They are called according to their place location. If you decide to go on holiday in Tenerife, you're likely to arrive at Tenerife South Airport, which manages all international flights. The airport was opened in 1978 and received the blessing from Queen Sofia of Spain. For a while, it was called "Reina Sofia Airport", but eventually the name South Airport has become naturalized. The airport has only one terminal, but it is sufficient to serve up to 10 million passengers a year. Because the island is small, tourists can relatively fast reach to any place on the island from the airport. For example, the capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is located 60 km from the airport, it will take about 45 minutes to get there by bus. For a quick transfer it is recommended to take a taxi, but it is pretty expensive. The second Tenerife North Airport is used for communication with the mainland Spain and for inter-island communication. Sometimes it receives flights from the United States. Because of the inconvenient location North Airport is often closed at night, and sometimes it happens that it does not work during the day time, too. However, it is not inferior to the main airport of the island in terms of service quality and equipment.

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Oct 1, 2017